Thoclor GF1 Aftercare 50ml

The GF1 Aftercare spray lotion from Thoclor Labs is a unique product thanks to the patented immune molecule HOCI, made in their laboratory. This HOCI molecule, naturally produced by our white blood cells, aids wound healing, stops infections and prevents inflammation. Due to its body properties, this product can be used after intensive treatments such as (chemical) peels, laser treatments, dermabrasion, dry-needling and resins. Even wounds and inflammation can be treated with this lotion.

Thoclor GF1 Aftercare 50ml
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Stimulates wound healing, prevents inflammation

Key Benefits

- Accelerates the healing of damaged skin
- Inhibits the growth of bacteria
- Reduces the immune system's inflammatory response (less redness, pain and swelling) and promotes the healing response.
- Significantly reduces the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in dark skin types (PIH).
- Provides rapid healing.
- Is a powerful antiseptic spray lotion against pathogens including biofilm, bacteria and viruses

Select ingredients

HOCl is made by the body, is produced by the white blood cells through an enzymatic process and is part of the immune system. HOCl is responsible for wound healing and is important in fighting and preventing infections. It plays a central role in our immunity and overall health. The HOCI in Thoclor GF1 Aftercare is artificially made in a laboratory.

How to use

Spray the lotion directly on cleansed and dry skin. Let the lotion dry. After the lotion has dried, you can apply your own cosmetics. A toner is no longer necessary.
The lotion can also be applied prior to the skin treatment, to stimulate the natural recovery of the skin.
With an intensive skin treatment, it is recommended to apply the lotion several times a day to dry skin. Use three times a day for five to seven days for the following days.

About Thoclor

Thoclor Labs is a biotechnology company that combines medical science with the wonders of nature to develop the world's most advanced skin-aftercare and skin rejuvenation products. Developed by Thoclor Labs and backed by extensive research, the GF Skin Series make the quest for youthful, healthy skin a reality.

Thoclor Labs owns the proprietary formula of a pure HOCl immune solution developed in the laboratory. Thoclor makes HOCI formulated with the correct pH to achieve maximum healing and bactericidal potential without any negative impact on the skin and body. It is processed in a purified water solution which makes it easy to use.

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