Lola's Apothecary Breath of Clarity Naturally Fragrant Candle

Breath of Clarity is the perfect ZEN-tering scent with eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet marjoram at its herbaceous core, uplifted by the joy of peppermint and lemon. It is our yoga and meditation fragrance. We like to burn Breath of Clarity Candle in the office to to promote mental clarity and focus. The restorative pure essential oils in this blend also work wonders on blocked sinuses and aching muscles, great for the cold season as well as post workout.



Breath of Clarity Naturally Fragrant Candle

Innovative blend of plant waxes.


Top notes
Peppermint and Lemon.

Core notes
Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Sweet Marjoram.

How to use

If cared for properly, each of our candle will burn for over 45 hours and 20 hours respectively. On the first burn, always burn for 3-4 hours to ensure an even melt pool. Ensure the wick is upright, above the wax and central before the wax sets. Always trim the wick to 5mm before lighting to avoid smoke and damage to the glass. 

About the brand

At the heart of Lola’s Apothecary is a vision of beauty and grace. We believe a holistic lifestyle can be enhanced by moments of sensory indulgence. We are inspired to create couture beauty products that marry fine fragrance with effective natural skincare - to bring the sophistication and decadence of luxury cosmetics back into the realm of natural beauty.

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