Retreat, a spa, a treat, a sanctuary

Retreat is a luxury salon and cosmetic shop located on the elegant Van Oldenbarneveltstraat in Rotterdam.

Retreat is lively, innovative and accessible, with its typical windows and eye-catching lighting, a unique and delightful place to unwind in the heart of the city. The contemporary design complements the classic details and therefore offers a wonderful environment to experience the unparalleled services in the city spa.

In 2016 gentlemen Mostert & Van Leeuwen opened the doors of Retreat. Known for their luxury store in the same street, they strive for unrivaled tasteful quality and service. With Retreat they followed their hearts, even further.

As a perfect departure and arrival point for your sensory journey, Retreat offers a resting point in the heart of the city of Rotterdam. Here you can retire undisturbed and enjoy excellent treatments.

- Thanks to our love for travels and special locations, we know that there is a need for a luxury salon and cosmetics shop where all expectations are exceeded -

Retreat, with its typical windows and eye-catching lighting, is lively, innovative and accessible. The store and salon designed by Martijn Jans is inspired by a classic Paris apartment. High ceilings, elegant paneling, four-meter high doors and striking details.

The comfortable, sophisticated suites of Retreat offer you a pleasing environment where tension and stress slide away from you. They provide a space that feels comfortable and secure.

Tempered light, a soft perfume that takes you away unnoticed, from everyday life. Soothing music and the relaxing effect of candlelight, everything invites you to slow down and come to yourself.

The treatment rooms of Retreat are spacious and offer a place where you can feel safe. A combination of woods and textiles gives shape to a homely atmosphere. The soothing colors take you away from the continuous stream of thoughts and obligations. Our excellent treatment benches with their many options are of the ultimate quality and will offer you physical comfort and warmth.

- Our experience has shown that there is a great need for personalized cosmetics, exceptional niche perfumes and high-quality makeup. Retreat has an extra focus on service, attention and quality. -

The facials for men and women are given with the high-end products of the beautiful niche cosmetic houses at Retreat. The Aqua Dermabrasion Diamond Peel device has been specially developed for Retreat and is unique in The Netherlands. Retreat also offers startling treatments with products from MALIN+GOETZ, Natura Bissé and Dr. Jackson's, among others.

The body treatments such as Ayurvedic, Hot Stone and Aromatherapeutic massages are applied by experienced specialists and are all developed to optimize the natural balance of body and mind.

In addition to skin care products from Orveda, Cosmydor and MALIN+GOETZ, Retreat offers make-up from brands such as Delilah and Rouge Bunny Rouge. The range of niche perfumes at Retreat is unique and offers a wide range of perfume houses such as Mona di Orio, Parfums BDK, Heeley and Maison Rebatchi. The intensively trained staff is happy to help you discover our products.

Retreat, and let the journey begin...

team retreat is looking forward to welcome you!

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