About Retreat

Retreat, a city sanctuary, is the journey ánd the destination.

Retreat is a luxury salon and cosmetics shop nestled on the elegant Van Oldenbarneveltstraat in of Rotterdam. 

With its typical window and eye-catching lighting, Retreat is vivid, innovative and accessible, a unique and secret hide-away in the heart of the citycenter. Contemporary design complements the classical details and therefore offers an exquisite environment to experience unrivaled spa services.


In 2016 Retreat, a luxury salon and cosmetics shop, opened its doors on the elegant Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. Nestled in the city centre of Rotterdam Retreat functions as a secret hide-away with unparalleled tasteful quality and service.

The gentlemen Mostert & Van Leeuwen, known by their luxury ladies and gentlemen's shops in the heart of Rotterdam, followed their hearts … even further. It was already visible In their beautiful fashion shops on Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 119 and 131; Sander & Hugo have eyes and noses for quality.

-With our love for distant travels and special locations, we know there is a need for a luxury salon and cosmetics shop where all expectations are exceeded-

Retreat, with its typical window and eye-catching lighting is vivid, innovative and accessible. The lounge and relaxation rooms are understated, restful and show that quality is offered here. Absolutely suitable for the most critical customer to retreat and relax. The shop and salon designed by Martijn Jans is inspired by a classic Parisian apartment. High ceilings, elegant panelling, four meter high doors and eye-catching details. The treatment rooms of Retreat radiate unrivalled and tasteful luxury, they are warm and homey.

-Our experience has shown that there is a lot of need for personalized cosmetics, exceptional niche perfumes and high-quality makeup. Retreat has an extra focus on service, attention and quality-

The facial treatments for men and women are given with the beautiful niche cosmetic houses in their portfolio. The Royal Fern Aqua dermabrasion Diamond Peel device is specially developed for Retreat and unique in the Netherlands. Retreat also offers signature treatments with products of, among others, MALIN+GOETZ and Dr Jackson’s.

The body massages include Shiatsu and energetic massages, applied by experienced specialists. The exceptional Ayurvedic massages show that Retreat is a special place in Rotterdam.

In addition to skin care products from Royal Fern and MALIN+GOETZ, Retreat offers make-up of brands like MDM Flow, Nailberry and Rouge Bunny Rouge. The assortment of niche perfumes at Retreat is unique and offers a wide range of perfumes offered by: Pour Toujours Parfums, BDK Parfums, Mancera, Roads, Agonist, Frank Leder and Huitieme Art. The well trained staff is happy to help you to discover our collections.

Let the journey begin…                                                                                                                                                                                                                      team retreat is looking forward to welcome you!

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